The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble McNeely, along with former Moderator and minister emeritus of Lucan Presbyterian Church, Dr. Trevor Morrow, and the Clerk of the denomination’s General Assembly, Rev. Trevor Gribben have expressed their ‘profound sense of sadness’ regarding today’s Eighth Amendment referendum result.

In their statement they said:

We acknowledge the outcome of yesterday’s referendum with a profound sense of sadness. The country is evidently living through a defining moment in which the inherent value placed on human life is at stake. Today is not a day for celebration, but for quiet reflection.

We would strongly urge the Government and the Oireachtas, as they legislate, to keep the promise they have made to the electorate to make abortions ‘rare’ in Ireland, and to ensure that the unborn with disabilities, like Down’s syndrome, will not have their lives terminated.

The result of this referendum hasn’t changed the fact that human life is still just as sacred and special as it was before Friday’s vote. There should be no place for unrestricted abortion in a society that claims to cherish human life.

We would encourage both the Government and wider society to place a greater focus on the provision of world-leading, compassionate care for women, children and families, including comprehensive support in the perinatal period for those facing pregnancy crisis.

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