The Dentist

This month involved a trip to the dentist.

Our new dentist is lovely, unlike my teeth which are not.  Neglect when I was younger means I now have several humungous fillings which need occasional attention.  I don’t get overly nervous beforehand but, probably like most people, I’m glad when it’s over.  Oh and here’s a tip:  Some people find that listening to music on headphones can help take your mind off injections, drill etc.

Anyway, two simple thoughts:

If there’s decay in there it needs to be dealt with or it will get worse.  All the music in the world won’t cure it!  We can’t afford to ignore it indefinitely.

And secondly once the bad stuff is gone, the gap needs to be filled with something good.  It makes sense.  An empty space can look like an open invitation.  Who knows what may find a home there!  (Luke 11 v 24-26)

The central truth of Christianity is that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross has dealt conclusively with the decay of human sin.  The past is forgiven, our guilty record deleted, the grip of temptation is broken.  We are clean.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Jesus rose from the dead and fills His followers with the Holy Spirit so we can live a healthy life of truth and love.  It’s a positive life choice to live each day strengthened, guided and motivated by the Spirit of the One Who preached the Sermon on the Mount and showed such amazing compassion to people!

Just one other thing, obvious really.

We have to go.

To the dentist I mean.  It may be nerve-wracking, uncomfortable even painful but if it needs to be done, better sooner, and we’ll be better for it!

Same with sin and Jesus.

Only here the effects are much longer-lasting!

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