Sunday 19th August.  We welcome in baptism our newest member, Maisie Bridget Ferry, with her parents Michael and Amanda, big brother Ethan and sisters Bethany and Ruby.

Bringing little ones for Baptism

Lord, you have graciously saved and blessed us.

Please save and bless our children

Whom we identify with you today

With this ‘Jesus picture’ we call baptism.

As you have forgiven and renewed us by your Spirit,

Cleanse and give new life to these dear ones.

Include them in your covenant of love!

From earliest days may they sense your comforting, guiding presence,

And learn to trust and obey.

May they grow to love your Word and live in ways pleasing to you,

And be a blessing to those they meet.

Lord, they’re so young.

They won’t remember this day.

But we will, and you will.

So help us to practice the profession we make with genuine lifestyle,

And help us follow through on the serious promise we’re making.

Show us ways to make our home and church a place of love, and reverence, and joy!

Make us the example of faith and obedience they need.

Make the picture real for us all.

Oh, and… thank you!  For grace, and for everything.


Church Service

at 10.30 am
During July and August, the service will begin at 10.15 am and tea/coffee will be served afterwards.