1 Corinthians 11 v 17 – 34

When the Lord Jesus spoke to His followers at the Last Supper He both invited and instructed them to carry on this fellowship meal regularly saying, ‘Do this in remembrance of me’.

It is our Christian privilege and duty to carry on this practise until He returns and we share in ‘the marriage celebration of the Lamb’. The church in 1st century Corinth was divided by jealousy and pride with the result that gatherings for worship and the Lord’s Supper had become quite chaotic.

So the words we read at communion were originally written in the context of an apostolic caution. Be careful, writes Paul, that your broken fellowship doesn’t become an insult to the Lord, inviting discipline rather than blessing!

As we prepare to come to His table on 3rd May D.V., let us all humbly examine our lives and where necessary seek grace and forgiveness, that we may gather in brotherly love and participate in a manner worthy of our Lord.

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