Minister – Rev Andrew Watson

Welcome! Dunfanaghy is one of the most north-westerly Presbyterian congregations in Ireland.   “Donegal” is sometimes known as the “fort of the foreigner”, the place where visitors are assured of a warm welcome.   Feel free to browse our site, maybe get in touch and we look forward some day to welcoming you in person! […]

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Meeting House Stone Placard


A carefully researched exploration of our history, ‘Dunfanaghy’s Presbyterian Congregation and Its Times’ (PDF, 3.8Mb), a retrospect, was published in May 1978 by Colan MacArthur MA. Records mention a Presbyterian community and Minister in 1679, however, the Scots Plantations in the area of Dunfanaghy, date from around 1610/1611 and “Presbyterian” clergy were in the Raphoe […]

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And also …

 Rainbow. We human beings easily misinterpret things. Sometimes it’s an innocent mistake, such as mistaking tears to always mean sorrow or despair when they can just as often represent thanksgiving, pride, the joy of loving and being loved. Other times things are deliberately borrowed and used as symbols of something quite different.  I was thinking […]

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Notice Board


Welcoming baby Arianne Elizabeth Sterritt with her parents Justin and Louise, and big brother Theo.

We also welcomed Bronwyn Alice Fyffe Connolly in the sacrament of baptism with her parents Donal and Fiona and big sister Katie.

Thank you to everyone who helped to decorate the church or helped in any other way at our Harvest Services.


Church Service