Minister – Rev Andrew Watson

Welcome! Dunfanaghy is one of the most north-westerly Presbyterian congregations in Ireland.   “Donegal” is sometimes known as the “fort of the foreigner”, the place where visitors are assured of a warm welcome. I hope this website gives you a ‘flavour’ of our life and work.  While many find the “History” of interest, you can […]

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Meeting House Stone Placard


A carefully researched exploration of our history, ‘Dunfanaghy’s Presbyterian Congregation and Its Times’ (PDF, 3.8Mb), a retrospect, was published in May 1978 by Colan MacArthur MA. Records mention a Presbyterian community and Minister in 1679.  However, the Scots Plantations in the area of Dunfanaghy date from around 1610/1611 and “Presbyterian” clergy were in the Raphoe […]

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Sunday 29th March Corona Crisis (Read Isaiah 26 and Matthew 6 vs 5-13) So how are the self-isolation and social distancing going in your home? ‘Cabin fever’ hasn’t hit us too badly yet, though to date both cars are washed, the garden fence is repainted and my wife has washed every garment in the house […]

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(First read Luke 19 vs 28 -48)

The crowds are cheering their hero.  Look, here He comes, the One Who made the blind see, the disabled rise up and walk, Who even raised the dead.  Waving their palm branches they jubilantly welcome the Saviour King promised by God through His prophets centuries earlier.

Yet as we look at their champion he is not waving, smiling, punching the air or giving ‘High Fives’.  No, He’s weeping!

His fans go wild as He ‘cleans house’ in the Temple, chasing out the crooks and welcoming the needy, making it what it should be, a house of prayer and a centre for compassion and healing.  Yet instead of riding and enjoying this wave of popularity Jesus weeps and earnestly pleads for people to heed His warning.

The Judge of the earth weeps as He foresees the destruction of those who refuse to humble themselves before God, who refuse to repent and welcome the Saviour Who has come on this occasion in gentleness with the offer of peace.  The Weeping Judge is distressed, deeply offended by our disobedience and rebellion but equally distraught as He warns of the consequences.

Here is grace, but if grace is rejected then judgement must come.  Within 40 years Jerusalem Read More

Church Service

at 10.30 am
During July and August, the service will begin at 10.15 am and tea/coffee will be served afterwards.