Minister – Rev Andrew Watson

Welcome! Dunfanaghy is one of the most north-westerly Presbyterian congregations in Ireland.   “Donegal” is sometimes known as the “fort of the foreigner”, the place where visitors are assured of a warm welcome. I hope this website gives you a ‘flavour’ of our life and work.  While many find the “History” of interest, you can […]

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Meeting House Stone Placard


A carefully researched exploration of our history, ‘Dunfanaghy’s Presbyterian Congregation and Its Times’ (PDF, 3.8Mb), a retrospect, was published in May 1978 by Colan MacArthur MA. Records mention a Presbyterian community and Minister in 1679.  However, the Scots Plantations in the area of Dunfanaghy date from around 1610/1611 and “Presbyterian” clergy were in the Raphoe […]

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And also …

Call Him ‘Jesus’  –  Here’s Why – Sunday 8th December 2019 Matthew 1 vs 18-25 ‘All you need is love.’ So sang the Beatles in 1967 and over the last 52 years many people seem to be believing that message. All we need is love.  If everyone was governed by love wouldn’t everything work out […]

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Notice Board

We commend to your thoughts and prayers the family of Mr Freddie Wilson, Horn Head, who passed away on Sunday 5th January 2020.

The Good Shepherd Guides us in Paths of Righteousness

Romans 3 vs 9-25  Philippians 3 vs 4-14

A farmer who doesn’t take care and lets his sheep wander into a neighbour’s garden will get a bad name for himself.  Those sheep are in trouble, but so is the reputation of their owner!

Jesus Christ leads His followers in practising all that is good for this glorifies God.  It brings honour to His name.  Subsequently Christ’s name is mocked when those who profess faith in Him don’t follow in His ways.  Our hypocrisy brings our religion, and our Master, into disrepute. Read More

One of the children in church last Sunday gave us a simple but excellent definition of a New Year’s Resolution – ‘doing something different’!

Something different to the way we thought and acted last year, yes, that makes sense.  Less of a slave to our appetites and instincts, more in control for the better.  Less addicted to resentment and self-pity, more free to celebrate every day with gratitude!  A resolution begins with decision and  Read More

Church Service

at 10.30 am
During July and August, the service will begin at 10.15 am and tea/coffee will be served afterwards.